Beaver trips are problematic. They are wanted, but they do cause disturbances.
There are many good reasons to be careful with beavers and their environment.

If you want to handle more responsible, you may keep to following guidelines.

At the beaver river “Warnow”, nature friends and tour operators started with 10 golden rules. These rules turned out to work well and have developed into more formal voluntary agreements (in German) that bring even better protection for otter, fish and bats. These agreements where signed by the Ministry of nature conservation and the tour operators.

The Golden Rules from the  Warnow:

1. Water tourists should behave sensible with respect to the water they are touring and especially should obey the given rules and laws to protect nature and landscape they are touring in. Regulations that prohibit the entrance of specific sites or during specific times should be respected. In order to protect vulnerable species one should not tour the water at night and with search light.

2. Keep away from gravel-, sand- and mudbanks, groves on the riverbank and shallows, especialy those with waterplants. These structures are important biotopes for birds, amphibians, fishes and mussels.

3. Watch and photograph animals only from a safe distance and keep nature’s peace undisturbed. In being peaceful and quiet one can see much more in nature.

4. Do not take animals or plants from nature, nor threat or chase animals.

5. Do not sail into reeds and other thickets near the banks. Use the official sites to get in and out of the water only.

6. The cutting of branches from trees fallen over or into the water is only to be done by the waterboard. Whenever there is a need, you may please contact the owner of the river camp site or the company where you let your boat.

7. No wild camping please! Please use the camp sites that are available.

8. Garbage, empty bottles etc. should be kept until they can be discarded at the campsite or at your boat or canoe rental.

9. Faeces should be burrowed. There are toilets at the resting sites.

10. Please help to keep the water clean! Waste does not belong in the water. Also keep the water clean from shampoo and soap.

And on river Peene?
In 2007 it was tried to agree on golden rules for the Peene, but it just did not work.
Unfortunately even today (09-11-2019) there still are none available.

Refrain from looking for beavers and wildlife in the evening?
Alternative you could visit one of the Wildlife and Beaver viewingpoints. For example in Menzlin and Grüttow.